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Running late to work can get you fired: report

New Delhi:

Arriving late is not the norm for workers and employers alike, but according to a survey 42 per cent of employers in the country seem to have fired an employee for being late, the highest in the world.

According to a survey by CareerBuilder, among the nine surveyed countries, India is the strictest when it comes to tardiness. Brazil came in second in this survey, where 26 per cent of employers have fired a staff for coming late.

Commenting on the findings, CareerBuilder India managing director Premlesh Machama said most bosses understand when your alarm doesn't work or you get stuck in traffic.

"Tardiness is a problem when it becomes a habit and your boss can't rely on you to be on time. On the rare occasion that you are running late, let your employer know as soon as possible. Then ensure that it doesn't happen again," he added.

Echoing similar sentiments, Unison International MD Udit Mittal said: "When it comes to employee work place satisfaction, it is important for them to get leverages at times but not always. If this becomes a habit, it can turn out to be really worst or may be firing the employee."

France and Russia shared the third place where 22 per cent bosses said they had fired their staff for coming late.

Meanwhile, 21 per cent of UK employers have fired an employee for being late. While China with 20 per cent, Germany 9 per cent, Japan 7 per cent and Italy 6 per cent.

The top five reasons for coming late include traffic - 33 per cent, public transportation - 22 per cent, bad weather - 18 per cent, lack of sleep - 14 per cent, taking the kids to nursery or school - 6 per cent, the survey noted.

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