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Harley Davidson bets big on women


The US-based iconic bike company Harley-Davidson now aims at tapping the women as potential customers, considering the global trend of women taking to bike-riding.

"Women riders on Harley-Davidson are not unusual. It was unusual years back, when I used to ride it. But now it's common," said Karen Davidson, great-granddaughter of Harley Davidson co-founder William Davidson and creative director of Harley-Davidson company, talking to PTI.

As much as a quarter of registered motorcycle owners in US are women, she said.

"We sell 12 per cent of our brand new bikes to women," said Ms Davidson, who is in Goa to participate in the 110th year celebrations of the company.

"Women are empowered now and can enter politics, sports... When they can push themselves, why can't they own this beautiful machine," she said, recalling how she would fight with her two brothers for riding a Harley Davidson bike.

Davidson has been currently assigned the job of interacting with the Harley-Davidson owners across the globe and get feedback, which would be used to improve the bike.

She said she came across some women riders in India who were curious about the Harley Davidson bikes.

"In India, motorcycling has become a part of lifestyle," she said, adding that these days Harley-Davidson bike is being purchased by the family-oriented people who look up to escape the hectic life on the weekends.

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