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Expect 8.2% 'inclusive' growth over the 12th Plan, says PM: Highlights

Here are the highlights of the Prime Ministers speech at the Planning Commission.
New Delhi:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said the country must strive to reach 9 per cent growth by the end of the 12th plan period.

Here are the highlights of the Prime Minister’s speech at the Planning Commission:

  • Economy grew at 7.9 per cent in the 11th plan period
  • The economy grew at an average annual rate of 7.9 percent despite two global crises.
  • Poverty declined twice as fast between 2004-05 and 2009-10 than it did in the previous ten years.
  • Agriculture grew at 3.3 percent per year in the Eleventh Plan, much faster than the 2.4 percent observed in the Tenth Plan.
  • 12th plan is starting in year when world is experiencing difficulties
  • Plan targets overall Economic Growth at 8.2% with the agricultural growth at 4%. 
  • Have to reach 9 per cent growth by the end of the plan period
  • Growth to accelerate to 8.2% over 12th plan
  • Fiscal deficit too high
  • Health, education – priority sectors for inclusive growth
  • Agricultural growth at 3.3%
  • Manufacturing must grow faster
  • Infra needs public investment and PPP
  • Energy difficult area – policy needs comprehensive review
  • We are energy deficient.
  • Rational energy pricing very critical
  • Energy pricing out of line with world prices
  • Diesel price hike important step in right direction
  • Urbanization new challenge
  • Central message of plan – need policies that take care of weaknesses

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