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This summer, enjoy better cooling with smaller bills


If you are dreading the rising temperatures and soaring electricity bills with the summer around the corner, do not despair. Simply switch to energy-efficient cooling systems instead.

While many people turn to conventional means, like air conditioners and coolers, to beat the heat, there are some who take the path less trodden - alternative, energy-efficient cooling systems - which can cool effectively and be lighter on your wallet.

Very popular in Japan and Europe and in large homes in the US, these systems result in significant savings on energy, running costs, and space requirements.

Brands like Daikin, Toshiba, Mitshubishi Electric, Blue Star and Airedale offer variable refrigerant cooling systems in different forms based on the number of rooms or the cooling requirements of your home.

Multi-split systems use one external unit which is connected to several indoor units for space efficiency and the ability to create large-scale air conditioning with a single piping circuit.

The unique selling proposition of this technology is that it dramatically boosts energy efficiency.

Depending on the material used to build your house, these cooling systems promise a 17-35 per cent decrease in energy consumption in your home.

However, the high set-up costs can be a deterrent, although the long-term benefits of lower cost and energy efficiency may compensate.

"Initially, it took some time because the technology was quite cumbersome and we were not very sure if we should go for this. But when we saw this implemented in one of the houses, we were convinced. We thought other people may also get persuaded by our decision. And eventually now we are very happy with our decision to go for VRV cooling," said Ankur Aggarwal, who owns one such cooling system.

Architects, too, swear by the new technology.

"Whatever can be bought off the shelf is the easiest thing to do. We feel that since everyone is doing it, it is the best... This system that I am talking about is quite convincing that genuinely reduces the cost. I genuinely think more people could adopt it," Vaibhav Dimri, co-founder and principal designer, at Anagram Architects told NDTV Profit.

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