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Religare Enterprises Faces Cyber Attack, Data Safe Says Company

IT systems across the globe have been facing malware attacks in the past few months.
No data was stolen or affected in the cyberattack, Religare said.
No data was stolen or affected in the cyberattack, Religare said.
New Delhi: Financial services conglomerate Religare Enterprises today said it has faced cyber attack but its data and operations are completely safe. "We are currently assessing the situation, however, our systems, operations and client information and data remain unaffected and secure," a company spokesperson said over phone.

IT systems across the globe in the recent past have been facing some or the other kind of malware attacks with the intention to extract money from the system owners. Religare Enterprises said the problem is exactly not in the nature of cyber attacks and there were some stray incidents, following which an advisory was issued from the information technology (IT) department of the company.

"There were some reported incidents on a few machines, our systems, client data, trading systems are all safe and unaffected and there is no impact on business as usual," the official said.

Regligare said it cannot ascertain the exact details about incident as the IT team is still investigating the
matter. Late last month, operations at one of the terminals of Mumbai-based port facility JNPT were affected due to a malware attack named "Petya".

Due to this, operations at the terminal were impacted on June 27 night as a result of a fallout of global ransomware attack, crippling some central banks and many large corporations in Europe.

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