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These houses can be built in 15 days


When the Sehgals - a normal middle-class family from Delhi - got their house built in a fortnight, it was certainly no mean feat. It required some astute planning and going with a trend - building a wooden cottage.

Popular in the cold countries of the West, this trend is catching the fancy of many Delhiites, who prefer to live in independent homes.


What's more, it does not require any clearances from any municipal authority as it is deemed to be a portable, temporary structure under the law.


"(It is) eco-friendly. You are not in a concrete jungle. Then, (it is) something different, unique, good and elegant," said Rajneesh Sehgal, who organises events.


Located in an open, green area, a rare find in South Delhi, the Rs 30-lakh ,1300-square-feet, two-bedroom-hall-kitchen house is built over 1000 square yards of land and is well-equipped to serve as a comfortable weekend home. The kidney pool, nearly 100-square-feet in area, is perfect with summer just round the corner.


Moreover, the wood used for the cottage comes with strong insulation properties on account of the four layers of red acrylic sheet coating that could be an answer to the extreme weather that residents have to brave in the capital. The coating also makes it water-proof.


"It was (in) the first week of January, everybody was saying it is the coldest day in Delhi. We were staying here for two nights. The best part was we had to switch on the heater only for 10 minutes," Mr Sehgal said.


And there are no worries of termites or fire hazards too as the wood used is also termite proof besides being fire resistant.


According to Sanjay Sharma, director of Wood Barn India, which imports wood from spruce or Picea glauca trees in Canada, the advantages of a wooden home far outweigh those of concrete ones. "It has far more advantages than disadvantages. It is an eco-friendly house. It has no toxics in it," Mr Sharma said.


Eco-friendly, well insulated, and non-toxic - need we say more?

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